Zoiper Windows

This is our guide to set up Zoiper version 3 under Windows. We plan to update this guide as newer versions are released in the event that the setup changes. You may also look only at the screenshots album or try Zoiper's own guide.

Zoiper offers a simple and easy New Account Creation Wizard. To access it, choose Settings, then "Create a new account" as shown below.

First, the Wizard will prompt you to choose the account type. Though we can offer other setups, leave the default as SIP and click the green arrow NEXT.

The Wizard will next prompt you for your account credentials, which you can always obtain after logging in under the My Services tab, as explained in our Setup page, or from your Welcome Email. Enter YourUserID, YourPassword and YourDomain.

Press NEXT when done, and the Wizard will ask you to name the account. The name is what you will see in the top left corner if you have more than one account and has no other bearing on the functionality, so you may name it anything you want. Unless you are setting up the account without Internet access, it is a good idea to let the program do its auto-detection, so leave Skip.. unchecked.

Click NEXT and if your account is active and there has been no typo, the account will register and will be active.

You may also set up the account (or fine tune your settings) from Settings - Preferences.

In particular, you might want to set the Caller ID Name to what you want people to see on their display when you call them.

(Optional) You might also want to restrict the available codecs, under the Codec tab, to only u-Law and GSM and G.729 (if available in your version).

Zoiper should now be ready to make outgoing calls. 

If you have a phone number (DID) with us, you might want to change a few more settings to insure you can receive incoming calls. Under Accounts, in the Advanced tab, you might want to change the "Registration expiry" from the default 3600 to 120 or 180. Enable "Keep alive" as well as "Subscribe presence" and "Publish presence".

If the account does not register, please be sure to check for typos before contacting us.

If you still have issues with incoming calls, Zoiper has a helpful page on incoming calls:


Issues related to incoming calls are a common problem with voice over IP.

This article aims to outline the most common problems for the different operating systems as well as possible solutions and best practices for the most reliable incoming calls.


Most computers and phones do not use a fixed IP as they are on a network behind a NAT router.

VOIP servers use REGISTRATIONS to keep track of the current location of a user, this also serves as way to keep NAT bindings open on your home or office router.


The NAT network is causing issues

 You can verify if this is the case if Zoiper receives incoming calls immediately after a registration to the server, but after a few minutes incoming calls stop working.

The most likely culprit here is the short NAT port mapping on your home or office router.


When using UDP, most routers will drop the port mapping after a few minutes. This means Zoiper would have to re-register every minute to keep the mapping alive.

When using TCP most routers will keep the connection for many hours (unless they run out of memory and start recycling port mappings).


Try switching to TCP or TLS instead of UDP (if your provider or PBX supports it).

If your VoIP provider or PBX does not support TCP, try lowering the re-registration time in Zoiper to 30s or 1 minute. (Keep in mind that this will have a significant impact on battery life when using cellular 3g/4g, the impact on Wi-Fi is not as significant).

Keep in mind that an excessive number of re-registrations might lead to temporary blocking by your VoIP provider, in this case you can try using the SIP keep alive option in Zoiper instead.

go to settings -> accounts -> your account -> advanced -> Network related.

Change transport to TCP or TLS

If the above does not work and you can only use UDP, please ensure SIP keep alive is enabled and is set to 30s.

Please note that if your public IP address changes but you are using an internal IP address behind a NAT, then Zoiper will not be notified about a network change and will not re-register automatically. This situation will correct itself when the re-registration time is due. If you are experiencing this, please reduce the re-registration time (registration expiry) to a lower value to minimize the time you could be without incoming calls when such an event happens.


Incoming calls never work




rPORT for signaling 



Zoiper will send a register to the server to let the server know w



-> faster re-registration

Make sure you do not use keep alive on the server or Zoiper could get killed. Other than that it should work reliably. It could fail for maximum 10 minutes if there was no network for a while.


In such case, Zoiper would lose the TCP connection, have limited time to try to reconnect before being forced to sleep by iOS and since there is no active TCP socket, not be notified about a new network change.


Your IP address on the router changed but the PC still has the same IP.