Zoiper iOS

Setting up the free Zoiper on iPhone could not be any easier - and, don't forget, it comes with free call recording! You may follow our guide below or look only at the Zoiper on iPhone screenshots album.

After downloading, start the app, then click Settings.

If you clicked the link we sent you in your Welcome Email and followed the prompts, your account is configured by now. If not, click the + (plus) sign in the top right corner to add a new account.

Enter your account credentials and, for the Caller ID string, what you want other people to see when you call them. If you are using our extension call feature, you might want to enter the extension number so that they can call you back.

We recommend you enable u-law only if you care about the quality. Enable GSM only if you want to save on bandwidth. We offer G729 gratis, but it may only be available at extra cost in your softphone as it offers slightly less natural voice quality than u-law but at significant bandwidth savings. See our discussion for more.

The Network Settings may be left unchanged.

Enable recording for all calls if that is important to you.

NB: It may sometimes be necessary to enable "Force background" and even "Wi-Fi Keep Alive" in "Incoming Calls" to have your phone ring on incoming calls.

Congratulations! Your Zoiper app is ready to make and receive phone calls!