Control Panel

You control your service from your online account or control panel. Once you registered and we confirmed your registration you can log in, to modify your service and see your calling records.

My balance

After a successful login, you will be presented with the "My balance" tab, showing you your current account balance, the total amount spent on calls and in brackets, the amount spent on calls today. You can add funds to your account using PayPal or a credit card. The last two headings will show you the history of your deposits to your account. 

My services

Clicking on "My services" will bring up the following screen:

Here you can find the Username and Password you use to setup your VOIP / SIP client. We also setup your Caller ID to match your actual number - this is necessary for e911 services to work. Your phone number(s) is (are) listed last. Clicking on your phone number brings up the following screen:

Here you can set up Call Forwarding remotely. This is far more convenient than Bell old style of using *72 + the phone number to turn on and *73 to turn off, as you do not have to be at home to forward your calls elsewhere - for instance, in some kind of an emergency.

My cdr

CDR means Call Detail Records. This screen allows you to search for and view your calls during a particular time interval and filter by "answered", "busy", "no answer" or "failed". You can also see the cost and total duration of the calls thus filtered in the lower right corner. Find out more.


You can always see the rates you will be charged for long distance or overseas calls at any time. Use this to show your incredulous friends our fantastic rates and don't forget that we do have a referral program!

When you are done, you can logout to preserve your privacy.

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