CallBack Magic

Get an additional free phone number ($0.99 / month after 1 month trial) that will call your mobile phone with unlimited incoming calls, providing you with a dial tone. Calling the callback number will get a busy tone and after such a call our system will call your cell phone or whichever number you wish, presenting then a dial tone. This allows you to make outgoing calls from your cell phone without paying airtime, because such calls would count as incoming calls for your cell phone companies and you would be paying only our extremely low rates.

The outgoing call you place to the callback number in order to trigger the calling of your mobile phone will most likely not get charged because it was met with a busy signal - though this depends on your mobile phone provider. Even if they do charge it, it is only a 1-2 seconds call.

By default, we configure this feature to pass on the Caller ID of your cell phone, but you can also make it anonymous or make it to pass any other Caller ID you wish. We can also optionally configure the delay before the call back or how long the callback provides a dial tone and waits for your input before hanging up.

It is best to make sure you know the phone number you wish to dial before triggering the callback, as most phones will not allow you to send the number from the phonebook via DTMF and will try to dial it out using airtime instead. You may address this problem by taking advantage of our 5 free QuickDial codes available with each account and also entering these codes in your mobile phonebook for easy retrieval.

Our 1-month free trial is limited to 2 numbers for each account.

You may also transform your home phone number into a calling card via a Call Menu (IVR).

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