Call menu (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response system or IVR, also known as 'Digital Receptionist', is an automatic attendant menu.

When the IVR answers, the caller will hear "Thank you for calling XYZ Inc, for Sales press 1, for Service press 2" or "You have reached the XYZ residence. For John press 1, for Maria press 2" etc. You can also have your IVR configured to play a recording to the caller and hang up, or as a failover if you prefer that instead of voicemail. The good, old voicemail is essentially a limited, specialized IVR.

Apart from pre-recorded (or multilingual computer generated) voice messages, the menu may contain Call Forwards to any number you wish, Time conditions (i.e., send the call straight to voice mail for specific hours), Caller ID Filtering (send calls to specific destinations based on pattern matching in the number, such as area code), Fax destinations (you will have to order it first) and even call forwarding to Lenny, who will gladly, politely and slowly suck the soul out of annoying callers.

We can generate voice recordings and set up a menu in virtually any language, based on your instructions. After designing your call flow, you may use this form to let us know how you want your IVR to behave. Alternatively, you may create your own recordings then send them our way. Don't forget to make use of our special, unique destinations.

A simple IVR setup hosted by us incurs a setup cost starting at $10 or it can be set up and hosted completely free of charge provided that we include in it, under the last digit or zero, a message such as "This menu set up and hosted for free by [spelling]" introduced by "to learn how to get a similar message for your business or home phone, press x". For very simple menus we can have in the main menu, at the end, "This menu was generated courtesy of [spelling]".

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