Our service can easily be set up on your smartphone (using a "softphone"), which is the way it is used the most individuals, or even with an "IP phone", as it is used by many businesses.

While setup can be daunting, once done, your service will work as smoothly as the best and fastest smartphone or gaming laptop.


After signing up, we will create your account and send you Welcome Email with the subject "EZvoip: All You Need To Know" containing all the info necessary to set up your device or softphone.

You will receive two sets of credentials: one for our website, where you can order North American numbers, customize your service and make payments, and the other in red (YourUserID, YourPassword and domain) which are necessary for your softphone or your device. For your convenience, the red set of credentials can also be seen on our website once you log in; the "domain" may also be referred to as "server" and must always be entered in the your app or device as (where cityname is the name of your closest city while # is a number between 1 and 10.

Our email is very much like having an adviser helping you through every step.

Make a choice

If you already requested service, received the Welcome Email and the general instructions above are not sufficient and you prefer to follow a specific guide, continue on to softphones, devices (if you have a hardware device) or PBX. If you're not sure, go to softphones.