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The easiest setup involves using a software program on your Internet-connected computer or smartphone. The program is called softphone, can be installed on any such device and requires a microphone and speakers or preferably a headset. There are numerous free and commercial programs you can download for a multitude of platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPod, Android, Symbian etc. For its ease of use and cross-platform support we recommend Zoiper; once you signup we will send you a special link that makes setup much easier. To protect your account, we do not include YourPassword, so be sure you get it correctly and enter it.

Some smartphones come with an "Internet Call" application included. This app can be used with our service, but is generally inferior to most free apps available below.

Note that your Smartphone can place calls with our service both when connected over WiFi and over 3G or 4G, on the road.

NB: most softphones do not allow incoming calls by default; you need to enable a special setting such as "enable presence", "force background" or sometimes "keep Wi-Fi alive" for that to work.