Perhaps the most daunting and scariest task of switching to VOIP is setting up your smartphone or device, yet it is definitely a worthwhile effort. 

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Once set up and with a good Internet connection, a VOIP line performs just as well or better than a regular phone line (aka POTS) and at a much lower cost. If using a headset, you may even use VoIP with Data on your smartphone, thus avoiding the premium rates (or drastically reducing your costs) charged by your mobile provider.

In terms of actual device or VoIP client, there are roughly 3 ways to place calls over VoIP: Softphones (on computers or smartphones), Devices ATA (for regular, old-style "grandma" phones) and PBXs (for business systems). Lately, we find that most of our clients prefer to use their smartphones with a softphone. If you wish, you can also purchase an ATA from us and try it for 1 month, as stated in our Terms of Service.


Whichever way of using our services you choose, you will need 3 discrete pieces of information: YourUserID, YourPassword and YourDomain. We email them to you in the Welcome Email, and you may also obtain them all by logging in to your account at and looking under "My Services". YourUserID and YourPassword
The domain/proxy (YourDomain) is listed on the same page next to Did Associated (phone number) in square brackets. For example, if you see [Toronto] YourDomain is ; if you see [Montreal], YourDomain is
Note that if you have not subscribed to a plan or ordered a phone number, you might not have a recommended server in your account page. In that case, it is a good idea to choose either as your server or simply the server geographically closest to your location. See our list of servers and a way to choose the best server. Some softphones may also have a default server, but that may not necessarily the one we recommend or the best for your location or for receiving incoming phone calls.


Once your setup is complete, you may use the following special phone numbers for testing:

  • 4443: Voice Echo Test (will speak back to you – to test how others hear you)
  • 4747: DTMF Echo Test (to ensure that dial tones are recognized)
  • 1-555-555-0911: Test CallerID and e911
  • 044+Country Code+number: International Premium (override account setting for better quality at higher rates)
  • *97 Voicemail (*98 for prompt - if you have more than one)
  • 311: Non-Emergency Police or Municipal Services (Canadian Servers)
  • 511: Weather and Traffic updates (Canadian Servers)
  • 811: Non-Urgent TeleHealth (Canadian Servers)
  • 822: Caller ID read-back

The following configuration samples should be self-explanatory; if, however, you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.