All calling features available are free and included automatically with all our plans, but some may require a more involved setup and as such are available only on request (**):

  1. Enhanced Voicemail - by email and by phone
  2. Caller ID - see who's calling before picking up
  3. Call Waiting - if you need to place someone on hold, they will hear soothing jazz music (if you wish, we can disable this feature)
  4. Enhanced Call Forwarding - forward calls even from your online account
  5. Digital Receptionist (IVR)*** - interactive menus for your callers
  6. Caller ID filtering* - block certain numbers, play "not in service" or send them to a special destination - private order form
  7. Do Not Disturb Time conditions* - incoming calls could go straight to voicemail at night
  8. CallBack Magic** - have us calling you back with a dial tone (for cell phones)
  9. Calling Card** - enter a code when you call your number to get a dial tone
  10. Visual Call Waiting* - see who's calling on the other line before switching
  11. Call Hunt or Ring Groups* - simultaneous ring of several numbers
  12. 3-way calling** - make mini-conferences with your friends (not supported by all devices)
  13. Unlimited outgoing calls from multiple devices at no extra charge - softphones, ATAs etc.
  14. Order Toll-Free, Vanity and regular numbers* in about 40 countries and multiple area codes, including all USA and most of Canada!
  15. e911 - emergency calling included in Unlimited packages, optional in the rest
  16. Full call details - see where your money goes in 6s increments in the Control Panel
  17. Fully portable - take your number and/or device/softphone with you when you travel at no extra charge!
  18. Online control panel - see your CDR at any time, within seconds of completing a call and check out our rates and establish Call Forwarding from a user-friendly interface!
  19. Transfer your existing phone number** in and out as you please (to transfer a phone number in, you have to provide us with a copy of your last bill signed)
  20. Order virtual numbers and SIP URIs at a fraction of the cost of a DID (i.e., real number)
  21. Most widely used codecs fully supported: G.711 (μ-law / pcmu) , G.729 and GSM
  22. Keep your existing number - we will make sure that your existing number works is switched to our service transparently so that your callers will only know by the better voice quality.
  23. SMS forwarding*** - most of our phone numbers (DIDs) can receive text messages, which can be optionally forwarded to another mobile number or received via email
  24. Faxing - we offer dedicated, virtual Fax-to/from-Email lines at a low monthly cost.
  25. TelemBlock - we can block annoying callers using this form; you may also submit your own confirmed annoying callers to be included in this database.
  26. Special numbers:
  • 044+Country Code+number: International Premium (override account setting – 033 for Value) 
  • *97 Voicemail (*98 for prompt) 
  • 4443: Echo Test (will speak back to you – to test how others hear you) 
  • 4747: DTMF Test (to ensure that dial tones are recognized) 
  • 311: Non-Emergency Police, Municipal and Other Governmental Services (Canadian Servers) 
  • 511: Provision of Weather and Traveler Information Services (Canadian Servers) 
  • 811: Non-Urgent Health Teletriage / telehealth Services (Canadian Servers)
  • 822: Caller ID read-back
* Feature requires equipment setup. Our ATA comes with it configured.
** Feature available on request
*** Feature on request and may incur extra charges.
You can get almost all these features for free by signing up!