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Where are your servers located?

posted Feb 9, 2012, 2:30 AM by EZvoip Co   [ updated Jun 8, 2016, 7:49 AM ]
We have VoIP servers located mostly in USA and Canada (New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Montreal, Toronto), but we are rapidly spreading in the rest of the world: London-UK, Paris-France, Melbourne-Australia.  We will generally recommend or choose the server closest to you automatically, based on the address you provide when subscribing. If using an Outgoing Only plan, when traveling, it is best to use the server in your city or in the city closest to you. While it is possible to use a far-away server with good results, for best performance you might want to determine which is best for your location (which may not necessarily be the geographically closest server, though it usually is).

If you have a phone number, it is associated with a particular server ("home server") and if you connect to another server, you will not be able to receive calls as they will go straight to voicemail. If traveling extensively, it is best to order a new phone number in your new, temporary location and forward the calls from your home phone number to your new number.

The server which provides you least latency should be used. Also, please note that as we expand our presence, we update the list and not so much the map image.

 Amsterdam, NL    
 Atlanta, GA     
Atlanta 2, GA
Chicago, IL
Chicago 2, IL
Chicago 3, IL
Chicago 4, IL
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Denver 2, CO
Houston, TX
London, UK Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles 2, CA
New York, NY
New York 2, NY
New York 3, NY
New York 4, NY San Jose, CA
San Jose 2, CA Seattle, WA
Seattle 2, WA
Seattle 3, WA
Tampa, FL Melbourne, AU
Montreal 2,QC
Montreal 3, QC
Montreal 4, QC
Montreal 5, QC
Montreal 6, QC
Montreal 7, QC
Montreal 8, QC
Paris, FR
Toronto, ON Toronto 2, ON Toronto 3, ON Toronto 4, ON Toronto 5, ON Toronto 6, ON Toronto 7, ON Toronto 8, ON Vancouver, ON Vancouver 2, BC Washington, DC Washington 2, DC
EZvoip World Servers

Note that some features may become unavailable when using a server other than your home server. Also, our map image may not immediately reflect the latest server additions.