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You may follow this guide solely through a screenshot album.

When starting Zoiper, you will find in Dialer the message "not registered". 
Zoiper Android - EZvoip is not registered

If you are seeing exactly the message displayed above, you might be able to click on it and then on the check-mark to get it to register. If that does not work because of wrong credentials, or if the message is simply "not registered", meaning that no account has been registered, follow along. We are assuming you have already registered and activated an account with us.
Zoiper Android Config menu

To enter the credentials in Zoiper, you need to press Config, then Add account.
Zoiper Android Accounts menu

Since you already have an account with us, answer yes to the question below. 
Zoiper Android signup or setup

Choose EZvoip when prompted, then enter the credentials you obtained from login or the Welcome Email, then click Save.
Zoiper Android Credentials

At this point, you may already start making outgoing calls, but before you do, we recommend a few small adjustments. Long click (click and hold) on EZvoip.
Zoiper Android - Add account

Choose Modify account in the context menu.
Zoiper Android EZvoip Modify account

At this point you may modify the Host to a server geographically closer to you, such as Paris, London or Melbourne, depending on your location.
Zoiper Android Modify EZvoip account

Change Caller ID to what you want to appear on the display of phones you are calling.
Zoiper Android Caller ID

Check Enable on start so that you don't have to click the check-mark every time the program starts. If you have a phone number (DID) with us, be sure to check "Enable Presence", otherwise you might not receive incoming phone calls!
Zoiper Android Enable on start

Leave only the uLaw and GSM codecs enabled. Alternatively, you may enable one single codec according to your needs - see our discussion.
Zoiper Android codecs

If EZvoip does not appear registered, click the check-mark (V next to it).
Zoiper Android Registering

If the message Account is ready does not appear, repeat the previous steps and pay attention to accuracy.
Zoiper Android EZvoip registered

Now go back to the Dialer,
Zoiper Android Dialer EZvoip is ready

...and check your connection by dialing our Echo service. If there is no noticeable delay, you are all set. Congratulations!