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fring (mobiles)

Fring supports Windows, MacOS, IOS, Linux, Android, Symbian.

You can easily use VOIP on the iPhone over WiFi with no restrictions, allowing you to save money or your plan minutes by using the much cheaper VOIP rates. The iPod is also capable of making the very same calls with VOIP as long as you use a microphone or a headset with a microphone, such as the one that comes with the iPhone.

You should also be able to place VOIP calls over 3G if your cell phone provider allows it. In Canada, Rogers and Fido allow such calls.

You may use the free fring which allows even video calls.

what is fring

To configure it with EZvoip, first start the application.
  1. Choose Add Account and select SIP
  2. Scroll down to select Other from the list of SIP providers
  3. Fill in the SIP values with the data from Control Panel -> My Services:
    • User-ID - YourUserID
    • Password - YourPassword
    • Proxy Address - (or whichever city-server is listed in your account)
    • Click Login and wait for fring to "Subscribe"
    • Once this is completed, fring will display a checkmark in the top right corner of the SIP icon which signifies that you can now place calls
If using an iPhone or a iPod with headset, there are numerous other applications that you can use. We recommend the free Siphon or the excellent Acrobits Softphone at $7.99. 

Acrobits Softphone SIP Setup