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Android: CSipSimple

CSipSimple is an open source and free software released under the GNU General Public License and freely available via Google Play. Here's how to set it up (alternatively, see the album):
  • Start the CSIPSimple Softphone then choose the menu (3 vertical dots) in the lower right corner, then Settings.
    CSipSimple with start the app then choose Settings

  • Select the way the CSIPSimple will work depending on the plan you have with us (we recommend "Always available", though you can choose to use it only on WiFi
  • Press the Save button. These first steps are important in allowing the softphone to ring, and should be repeated and rechecked if the phone is not ringing.
    CSipSimple with - Easy configuration

  • Now press the Add Account button
  • On Choose Wizard screen, select Basic
    CSipSimple with Choose Basic for Accounts

  • Fill in according to your account
    • Account Name: [your name] or whatever you want to show on Caller ID
    • User: YourUserID as displayed in the Control Panel under My Services
    • Server: YourDomain (e.g.,,, as indicated in your welcome email or replace the city name with your city)
    • Password: YourPassword
      CSipSimple with account credentials

  • Press the Save Button
Congratulations! Your account is now ready to use on CSipSimple!