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Blackberry: FgVoIP & BlackVoib

Apart from Linphone Blackberry app, which is free, there are two other commercial VOIP applications: Blackvoib offers a 14 day trial while FgVoIP offers 10 day. We will only show the setup for FgVoIP, though the setup for BlackVoib is similar.

Designed by FG Microtec, this little-known SIP VoIP client is a feature rich soft phone for BlackBerry devices. It can register to any SIP VoIP provider or IP/SIP capable PBX using a WiFi connection in office, campus, home, hotel rooms, public hot-spots etc. They offer a 10 day free trial and there is also a User Guide (PDF).

To setup your FG Microtec VoIP application for use with your existing account, you need to create a profile, then enter the VoIP account details.

Create Profile

  1. Go to Preferences > Profiles.
  2. Position focus on existing profile, press menu item "Create copy".
  3. Type in your new profile name.
  4. Select your new profile, press menu item "Active" or press trackball/touchpad.
  5. You will be asked if you want to log in or not. Choose NO.
  6. Go to Setup > Main Settings.
  7. Type in your SIP server configuration data (more details below). If you need more settings press menu item "Advanced Settings"
  8. After you save your settings you will be asked if you want log in. Choose YES.
  9. If your settings are correct you should be logged in when you come to main screen, if not go to 7. and try again.

VoIP Account Details

  • Account settings: (in Main settings screen) should look like this:
  • My name: [your name] or whatever you want to show in CallerID display
  • My ID: YourUserID - you get it from login under "My services"
  • My Password: YourPassword (account password - you get it the same way)
  • My Domain: (one of our multiple servers)
  • My Proxy: YourDomain (same as above)

Please note that this is not the only VoIP / SIP app available for Blackberry; there is also Linphone.