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ATA: Sipura

This document refers to the steps involved in setting up a Linksys/Sipura 2000, 2100, 2102 or 3000 device.

Step 1

If you have a wireless router please follow instructions (B) if your network does not consist of a wireless router follow instruction (A).

(A) Open a browser and type in This should bring up the Linksys Configuration Menu. If it does not please follow the following steps:
  • open your Control Panel
  • click Network Connections
  • right click the Local Area Connection icon
  • choose Status
  • click the Support tab
  • direct your attention to the Default Gateway.
  • type the number besides that into the address field of a browser
The Linksys Configuration Menu should now be displayed.

(B) Please pick up your phone and dial ****. You will get the Linksys Configuration Menu. It will prompt you to "enter your option followed by the pound key".
Now dial 7932# "and value followed by the pound key" Press 1# to enable. And then 1 again to save, this will take you back to the Linksys Configuration Menu.
Once back in the Linksys Configuration Menu dial 110#.
Please make note of the IP address that is read back to you.

Proceed then to a computer that is connected to the same router that the ATA is connected to.
Open a web browser and input the IP address you noted in the previous step into the address bar.

If successful, the Linksys Configuration Page should come up.

Step 2

Now that we are in the Linksys Configuration Menu direct your attention to the right side of the page. You will see two links; Admin andAdvanced. Please click Admin first, after waiting 5 seconds go ahead and click the Advanced link.

On the top of the page you will see a tab labelled Voice, click it and wait for the new tabs to load. Click the Line 1 tab afterwards.

Step 3

Now that we are in the Line 1 settings, please scroll about halfway down the page where you will find a group labelled Proxy and Registration. Here we are looking for three fields labelled Proxy, Outbound Proxy and Voice Mail Server, you will need to input your "proxy" (YourDomain) into these fields it will look something like this: [city] (you can find out your proxy by logging in or check your Welcome Email). In the same general area you will find the fields labelled Register Expires and Proxy Fallback Intvl.; the default settings is "3600' but this needs to be changed to "60", as follows:

Proxy: (replace toronto as per YourDomain)
Display Name: Your Name (or whatever you want to show in Caller ID when you dial out)
User ID: YourUserID - obtained from login
Password: YourPassword
Register Expires: 180
Proxy Fallback Intvl: 180
Nat Keep Alive: Yes
Nat Mapping/Traversal: Yes

Step 4

Proceed to the bottom of the page where you will notice the Submit All Changes button. Please click the button and wait for the ATA to reset. Pick up your phone and check for a dial tone, if you do not hear anything, power cycle your device by disconnecting it from power for 2 minutes then powering it back; this will ensure all changes have been registered properly.

Make sure that three of the four lights are green, if they are not please feel free to contact us.