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Special Plans

Our Buddies Unlimited allows you to receive incoming calls via an extension number, without having to pay for a phone number. The Fax plan may be ordered as an extra to a business package or as an option in an IVR.

Buddies Unlimited

This is the plan we generally set up when you first try our service, or if you need to receive phone calls but prefer to not pay in full for a regular phone number. You can thus share the line with others (possibly buddies) via an extension number. When someone calls you they would be greeted with a multilingual message that prompts them to enter an extension at which point they can enter your extension and, if you are properly set up, your phone will ring. This means that for the small inconvenience of being reachable via an extension number (e.g., your number would be 4163987228 EXT 9xx) you can have unlimited incoming calls for a price lower than owning a full line business plan ($1.99/month). Your friends can even save your phone number in their mobile phone phonebook by using special characters such as comma (",") to get the phone to wait before sending the extension - all cell phones allow this - so that they don't have to wait, remember your phone or the extension number. Also, calls are always private and completely separate from those you might be sharing the line with. See also What if I have a zero balance.

This way, you get unlimited incoming calls at only a fraction of the cost of a full line, and you can get this anywhere in the world where we offer incoming numbers. For instance, if you live in North America but have friends and family in a foreign country that call you often, you might want to get a phone number in that country so that they can call you without incurring long distance charges. Such phone lines can be expensive so rather than get one all for yourself, you can share it via extension numbers, allowing you to pay only a fraction of the full cost. As an added bonus, when you travel to that country with your smartphone, you can just get a cheap local prepaid SIM card with 3G or 4G internet and use our VoIP service to place calls and ANSWER with your existing number. This way you get a permanent phone number where you are always reachable - which is impossible or expensive to maintain with prepaid SIM cards.


We offer dedicated Fax to Email numbers in most of North America at $2.99 per month, which includes 17 transmission minutes monthly, with additional minutes at $0.0348 (less than 4 cents a minute). This is more than sufficient for fax usage in most business scenarios. A faxed page takes usually 25 seconds, but it may take longer in unusual circumstances. Faxes received at the fax number we give you will be instantly sent to your email. To send a fax, you will email it to "fax at ezvoip dot co" specifying the destination fax number in the subject line, followed by a dot and the number you want it to appear from, with no other punctuation such as dashes, spaces, or brackets. You may attach the fax as pdf, txt, jpg, gif, png, tif.

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