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Business Plans

Our business plans are all metered plans, which means that you pay exactly for what you use at our very low rates.

Business PPU

As an entrepreneur or simply a power user, you learned to watch every penny and would rather see an itemized bill with calls charged in 6 seconds increments than paying for unlimited usage. You only pay monthly for each phone number you registered, usually less than $2/month, depending on the area code. You might want to upgrade to a Toll-Free number as your business expands - it can be as low as $1.19/month and we can restrict calls to Canada or US or both!


Just like the business plan, we charge in 6 seconds increments and taxes are included. 
With TF Canada (recommended), a number is $1.49 per month plus $0.0324 per incoming minute, with coverage for both USA and Canada. A Vanity / PhoneSpell setup adds a one-time charge of $36.
If most of your clients call from the USA, you might consider our TF USA plan, $0.0228 per minute from US, $0.096 per minute from Canada (initially locked). The monthly cost would be $1.19 and a Vanity / PhoneSpell setup is $18.
With all our business plans, we can block entire area codes or specific numbers and, as a bonus, we can set up an IVR in up to 3 languages (computer voice) free of charge.

Outgoing only

For the ultimate in frugality, try our outgoing-only plan. This plan incurs no monthly charge but you are unable to receive incoming calls. We set your Caller ID to a number available in our "Buddies Unlimited" pool, or, for a small charge of $10, we can set it to another number of your choosing so that when you place a call, the called party will perceive the call as if coming from your cell phone (or any other number you wish) and can call you back there. You can control the name shown on the caller ID yourself from your softphone or ATA.

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