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What if I have a zero or negative balance in my account?

You can pay us either with a subscription (if you are on a plan) or in a pre-paid setup. Either way, before reaching a zero or negative balance, you will have received an email warning about your balance which you have most likely ignored. You can change the threshold that triggers the warning email and you can also change the email address where this warning is sent.

On all of our plans, a negative balance will cause incoming calls to get a busy signal and you will not be able to make outgoing calls either until you add more money and your balance is positive again.

If you are on an Outgoing Only plan, you can keep a zero or negative balance indefinitely. We will only delete your account if you specifically request it.

If you are on a plan that incurs a monthly fee, we will permanently disconnect your phone number(s) 1 day before your account is due for the next monthly charge. Before disconnecting, we will make at least one attempt to contact you by phone at the phone number we have on file. At that point, your account will revert to an Outgoing Only plan. You may add a phone number at a later date, although it may be impossible to obtain that same phone number again.

If you anticipate you will often have a zero or negative balance (i.e., you will make seldom / sporadic payments), your best bet is to subscribe to the Buddies Unlimited plan, as it is far more likely to reconnect with the same number and extension.

With all plans except for Buddies Unlimited and Outgoing Only you can have a zero or negative balance only a maximum of two times a year, so please plan accordingly.