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Rogers Outage, one more reason to use VoIP

posted Jul 27, 2015, 4:00 PM by EZvoip Co
For the past several days, the cries of Rogers users have been getting louder. Here's the map for July 24:
July 24 Rogers outage map

Despite claims to the contrary on July 25, the July 27 map does not look much different (it looks bigger only due to higher magnification):
July 27 Rogers outage map
Additionally, it is worth noting that the maps above closely track Canadian population density, so it is safe to assume that they are indicative of a nationwide outage (i.e., there aren't more people in NWT having service than in Toronto).

The solution, in our view, is VoIP. Had these people been using our services, for example, and using Rogers only for their Data offer (as explained in our newcomer's guide), they would still be able to use voice communications and texting as long as they could find an alternate Internet connection, such as WiFi. Sadly, most consumers of mobile (cell) phone service do not even know that is possible.