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People I call cannot see my Caller ID

posted Nov 2, 2012, 5:06 AM by EZvoip Co   [ updated Nov 3, 2012, 6:16 PM ]
We have the ability to set your Caller ID to any number you want. We may also leave it empty in case you have a PBX or soft switch that can pass its own Caller ID. We only leave it empty or change it on request and generally we set it to your number by default.

If people you are calling are telling you that they do not see your Caller ID information when you call them, try first testing the problem by calling your cell phone or any other number in your possession to see if the Caller ID is shown on the display. Depending on your equipment, you might be able to even call yourself (i.e., the same number).
  • If the issue appears on long distance or overseas calls, you might want to try using the Premium Route by dialing 044+country code + number
  • If this happens only when you use your ATA but not a softphone (such as xLite) then the problem is with your ATA.
  • If the CallerID problem appears both when calling from the ATA (regular phone) as well as a softphone (program on your computer or smartphone), let us know specifying that you have conducted the tests above.
PAP2T for example allows the owner to set what codes to use for each calling feature. To block Caller ID, by default (i.e., unless you changed it), you use *67. However, its behaviour is different from others in that by dialing *67 you blocked it permanently, not just for that call. To unblock it, dial *68. Don't forget that you can change these codes yourself.