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Music On-Hold Choices

posted Aug 27, 2015, 9:00 AM by EZvoip Co   [ updated Sep 9, 2015, 4:42 AM ]
If you have properly set up your Call Waiting service, or if you have Call Conferencing, or simply if you juggle many tasks while talking on the phone, you might know that you can place somebody on hold by pressing the "Hold" button if your (soft)phone has it, or simply by quickly pressing the green (or "Yes") button, or quickly pressing and depressing the "on hook" holder.

When doing so, the other party is placed on hold. We have the ability to set some music that will be played to them while they are on hold. Here are the options and dial codes so that you can listen to it before choosing.
  • No Music, Intermittent Beep: Silent, but with a subtle intermittent bleep sound to let your caller know that they are still on the line while they hold. (***100)
  • Away in the Tropics: From Hawaii to the Caribbean, these tracks deliver sounds of ukulele, steel drums, and steel guitars. (***89)
  • Coffee and Sunrise: Uplifting without being perky, and positive without being too smiley. (***90)
  • Coffee Shop Acoustic: Soothing, acoustic guitar tracks makes for a relaxed atmosphere. (***91)
  • Easy Listening: Smooth, casual tunes. (***92)
  • Guitar Alchemy: Clever harmonics and progressive chord sequences to create a joyful and warming musical experience. (***93)
  • Happy Endings: Uplifting, commercial style. Guitar, drums,ukulele, harmonics and bells. (***94)
  • Light and Casual: Soothing and peaceful songs with a light, positive feeling. (***95)
  • Orchestral Moods: Emotional and dramatic tales spun by violins, pianos and full orchestras. (***96)
  • Piano Mix: Smooth Piano. (***97)
  • Rock me Easy: Fell-good music to create a relaxing atmosphere. (***98)
  • Spa Sounds: Soft, slow and serene instrumentals. (***99)
If you have not made a choice at signup, please feel free to email us your choice and we'll set it up right away.