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Is Majic Jacko's Kung Fu better than yours?

We strongly believe that our milkshake will bring all their customers to our yard as recounted in countless pop moments:

The Family Milkshake

Ask yourself this question: would you rather pay for a simple VoIP service, or do you want kids and sedated dogs with it, as shown on their homepage video?

First of all, their service is available only in the States. Everybody else, including Canada, incurs an additional cost in either shipping or in obtaining phone numbers. Their service is also very light in features. These are a few of the customer complaints with mJ:
  • Frequent interruptions and outages - while we cannot guarantee we'll be up 100% of the time, we have never had this level of complaints
  • Many of their customers complain of low call volume (callers can hardly hear each other) or even "incoming audio dropping after 5 minutes" needing a "refresh of the account")
  • Having to keep your computer always on results in additional power charges and wear & tear on an expensive machine (otherwise, you have to get an ATA similar to ours, only less powerful and with less features)
  • Their CallerID apparently displays only the calling number, ours displays the name as well. What is more important to you?
  • No other features!
They recently launched a "PLUS" service that is a severely limited version of our VoIP service. Their ATA has only one phone jack (ours - as well as most ATAs you can buy - has two) and is locked to their service. If you want to call countries other than US or Canada you pay rates much higher than ours.

One determine Majic Jacko's rates without first subscribing. This makes comparisons difficult, if not impossible and makes unpleasant surprises and rude awakenings likely.

Most people end up with yearly costs much higher than with us.