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How much does VoIP cost over mobile (3G) Internet?

If you have a smartphone or iPod, you can use VoIP also over wireless Internet at home, and since that is cheap and unmetered, the cost would be zero. When using it on the go, you have to use the 3G Internet connection from your cell phone provider which is metered. The cost will vary with the bit rate, itself determined by the codec in use:
 Codec     MB/mincents/m
G.711u 1 5-10
G.729a 0.5 2-5
GSM 0.5 2-5

If you use exclusively G.729a (recommended), your cost could be as low as $0.02/min (depending on your plan). You would have no roaming charges to worry about and calling overseas would not mean you have to take a second mortgage. This compares favourably to a $0.10-25/min which is what you end up paying for voice on mobile phones in various plans.

You could easily get a $10/month voice plan + $20/month for data (which usually includes 500 MB - 1 GB). At a rate of 0.5 MB / min that translates in 1-2000 minutes of VoIP. You can also use your phone's 3G to send out and receive free SMS, bypassing your cell phone company altogether.

Finally, if financial reasons are not sufficient for you, consider the repeated warnings from various bodies including the World Health Organization and, more recently, Health Canada suggesting that cell phone use is "possibly carcinogenic" and must be reduced, the conclusion is simple: minimize your use of voice over cell phone and, if you still need to talk to others, maximize your VoIP usage the EZ way!