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Free Phone Service with FreedomPop

posted Mar 15, 2017, 5:35 AM by EZvoip Co   [ updated Mar 15, 2017, 5:36 AM ]
While Google Voice has provided free phone calls and texting in North America for a while now, other providers have started to similarly allow for such free calls not only in North America, but also around the world.

FreedomPop is one such provider, allowing for this on their app. It is however possible to obtain the SIP credentials and configure calling with any SIP softphone, such as Zoiper. The following instructions appeared on a forum and though we have not tested them, we are republishing them for anyone interested.

  • a rooted Android smartphone (wouldn't know how to do it on an iPhone, as I never used an iPhone)
  • a credit card...can be pre-paid, does not matter what balance is left on the card, and even this can be optional

Why do this:
  • 200 minutes talk per month (USA & Canada) through a US number
  • 100 minutes per month to various destinations across Europe and Asia
  • Way easier than setting up a US number through Google Voice
  • If the free minutes allowance isn't enough, you can have as many of these accounts as you want
  • No overages. If you reach your limits, you'll get no service unless you purchase add-ons or wait until next billing cycle
  • Using your own ATA, you can have your own call answer (most cordless phone sets have an integrated answering machine now)

  • Sip credentials in another app/device will not support texting
  • UK calling won't work with those premium UK numbers for forwarding calls internationally

  1. On your rooted Android phone, install FreedomPop app by grabbing an APK via web search. If you're paranoid about the credit card requirement, grab an older version of the app (but credit card will still be required to enable the 100 overseas minutes). Newer version of the app makes it easier to hand-pick a nice number. Create an account through the app and get a number. You can create accounts using Gmail alias (example will send email to, but the account user would be, meaning you don't have to create multiple email addresses in order to setup multiple FreedomPop accounts.
  2. Optional - enable the Global 100 free minutes add-on within the app.
  3. Install an SQL DB reader (such as SQLite DB Reader from Play Store). Within the SQL reader, go to FreedomPop's .db file (there's a few of them). You'll grab user name which looks like 1[area code][nxx]XXXX_(bunch of numbers). Then in the data field, that's your sip password (long string of letters and numbers). Server is
  4. Once you have the sip settings, save them somewhere. Now safe to uninstall FreedomPop app, or at very least, log off in the app.
  5. Now configure the sip settings in your favourite sip client or sip phone/ATA.

Important note for dialing: dialing out to Canada/USA requires 11 digit dialing (1[NPA][NXX]XXXX). Overseas calling is "011[country code]xxx...."

I have scripted a dial plan that will work with Cisco/Linksys ATA's / sip phones:
This dial plan will allow ten digit dialing (meaning if you call Canada/US without putting the "1" at the beginning, the dial plan will do that for you). Also allowing overseas calls. If you call a country that isn't included in the overseas calling list, the call simply won't be connected.

List of countries you can call free with this service on their forum.

(via rfd)