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Dealing with Telemarketers and Automated Dialers

posted Oct 3, 2014, 12:47 PM by EZvoip Co   [ updated Sep 9, 2015, 5:38 AM ]
We are currently located in Canada and as such we operate in a jurisdiction that penalizes unsolicited commercial messages very heavily. We do not allow such activities on our network and we provide telephony services to our customers on the contractual agreement that they agree to observe and obey Canadian legislation in this matter; in the event that our service is used for forbidden usages such as automated dialers or telemarketing and this results in complaints and/or investigations, we will cooperate with investigators to the full extent required by law. We generally try however to monitor and disconnect such behaviour long before it becomes problematic: we discontinue service as soon as we become aware of it. Unfortunately, we cannot fully establish if one our customers uses our service for such schemes until receiving a complaint, because we do not have the ability to listen to our clients' conversations, and even if we did acquire such an ability in the future, we could not use it for privacy reasons. If a client on one of our Special Plans has a calling pattern similar to telemarketing and we are unable to contact them to confirm lawful use, we might change their Caller ID to 000-000-0000.

More information: CRTC, CEM, StikemanElliott, TechWyse, SteveSzentesi, TorStar.

Rather than a legal solution, which may be out of reach for small business and self-employed individuals, we are able to empower our customers to protect themselves from automated dialers and telemarketers through a simple message and extension number - see our IVR feature page for more complex yet similar solutions. We also can help by setting up clever tricks such as Lenny.

If you believe one of our clients has engaged in abusive calls of any nature, please email with your phone number, date, time and duration of your call, what was abusive about it and we will investigate and report back to you within 48h.