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Cisco/Linksys ATA (PAP2T) Troubleshooting

posted Jul 18, 2014, 7:03 AM by EZvoip Co   [ updated Jul 18, 2014, 7:28 AM ]
Although excellent devices, our adapters might sometimes fail in some manner. The following should help.

a) Reset to factory defaults

If the device used to work but stopped working properly after some recent changes, you might want to reset it and set it up again.
  1. Connect a telephone to line 1 of the PAP2T unit and power it on.
  2. Disconnect your PAP2T adapter from the internet connection(unplug the Ethernet cable from the PAP2T hardware unit). Resetting with internet connection may mess up the unit making it completely useless ("brick").
  3. Dial **** and wait for the Interactive Voice Menu (IVM) to get activated.
  4. Type in the following number including the # symbol: 73738# (This number spells RESET.)
  5. Confirm this by pressing 1.
Your linksys ATA unit will now go back to it factory default settings. If you need to know your firmware version, substitute code 150 for RESET; when connected, 110 will read back the IP number.

NB: There are some devices in circulation which were originally 'locked' to one provider and subsequently unlocked by end users. Do *not* use the RESET# command with these boxes.

To bring back online your device after reset, follow our setup guide.

b) Interdigit timing

This is something you would do only if you experience some delay in hearing the dial tone. However before changing that option, test if calling the number with an # at the end of the number works (e.g., 4165556666#). If that does not work you need to contact us.
  1. Log in with Admin / Advanced
  2. Go to the Regional tab in the Control Timer Values (sec) section.
  3. The default value for the Interdigit Long Timer is 10. Change it to 4.

c) Non-ringing phone

Sometimes the phone you are using is designed for a certain Voltage and Ring Waveform. The following applies to you if there is only one particular phone that does not ring and the others do ring (otherwise, please see this answer). If someone tries to call you and the phone appears to be ringing for the caller but your phone never rings please follow these steps to hopefully resolve this issue for you.
  1. Access the PAP2's web interface via the Admin / Advanced view login
  2. Go to the Regional Tab on the Top Menu.
  3. Go to the Heading Ring and Call Waiting Tone Spec
  4. Change the Ring Waveform setting to Sinusoid or Trapezoid (the opposite of what you have set).
  5. You can also change the Ring Voltage in increments of 5 to 90 or 95.
  6. Save Settings and Test an Incoming Call
  7. Repeat until the phone rings